Ghar Bazar 1998

Action - Having delivered a child before marriage, Gul entrusts the baby to her driver, Kishan, to whom she gives money for her daughter, Sona. When Gul decides to see Sona, she discovers that Kishan & Sona have disappeared. *Subtitles not available for this feature* - Mumtaz Ali, Mumtaz Begum, Shail Chaturvedi

Ghar Jamai 1992

Anil is an ethical man who lives by his principles. This impresses Dwarka, a millionaire, who wants to make him his son-in-law. However, after marriage, he insists that Anil move in with his in-laws.

Ghar 1978

Vikas, the son of a successful lawyer, disagrees with his father over his choice for his life partner; and marries his girlfriend Aarti. They enjoy the bliss of marriage, breaking away from the custom of staying with his widower father. Returning home from a date, they encounter a traumatic incident that makes headline news. This incident changes their lives forever. The trauma keeps intruding into their day to day lives. When Aarti's mother leaves town to take up a new job, the pressure on Aarti and Vikas brings them into the abyss of despair. Can they crawl out of self-hate and emotional estrangement and rekindle their love?

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani 1970

Drama about 2 neighbouring families - one which is honest but poor, and the other uses any means to rise up the ladder of wealth quickly.

Parayaa Ghar

When Arun's true love, Asha, goes missing after a car accident, he settles for another bride to please his mother. But when Arun's path collides with Dr. Ramesh, who is treating the gravely injured Asha in a hospital, will the couple reunite? Love and tragedy strike in this drama from director Kalpataru, starring Rishi Kapoor, Aruna Irani, Jayapradha, Madhavi, Kader Khan and Raj Babbar.

Ghar Ek Mandir 1984

A joint family consisting of three brothers Prem (Shashi Kapoor), Vijay (Raj Kiran) and Ravi (Mithun Chakraborty) are leading a happy and prosperous life. They consider their house temple of Love. However, destiny has its own plans for them when Prem gets killed. Seth Dharampal (Kader Khan) also wants to cheat them. Would Ravi alone be able to save his home? Would Seth Dharampal succeed in his evil intentions?

Ghar Parivaar 1991

Shankar, a country fellow, lives with his widowed step mother and two step brothers Balwant and Birju. Shankar loves his step mother and brothers as his own. After Shankar's marriage, his wife Savitri takes care of Balwant and Birju as her own sons. Shankar sends Balwant to the city for higher studies by selling all his property. However, when Shankar returns, he brings his wife along with him, much to the shock of Shankar and Savitri. Watch what happens when Balwant's newly wedded wife refuses to adjust to the simple village life and tries to break the joint family built by the love and care of Shankar and Savitri.

The Dwelling 1991

A Kafkaesque tale about a young couple (Naseeruddin Shah and Deepti Naval) that moves to the city from a village with the hope of finding privacy and freedom, which are unavailable in the joint family system.

Daak Ghar 2017

Set in early 20th-century rural Bengal, Daak Ghar tells the story of Amal, a young boy with an incurable illness who gets caught up in the world outside of his windo.

Naya Ghar 1953

Directed by D.D. Kashyap. With Shekhar, Geeta Bali, Begum Para, Leela Chitnis.

Ghar Dwaar 1985

A family's struggle to work their way out of poverty descends into a feud when deception, education, and pride are put on the line.

Raato Ghar 2017

Rato Ghar revolves around Jhakhmale (Wilson), Tukki (Gaurav Pahari), Korean (Anurag Kuwar) and Kartikey (Sanyam Puri) and shows their crime drama unconventionally. It is a social drama movie covering comedy, action and thriller that shows bad effects of ambition of money.

Ghar Sansar 1993

The story of an honest cop Haribhai Haldar and his family consisting of two brothers Joy and Debu. Hari bhai, a modern demi god, has spent his life to bring up his younger brother and his sister Renu.


Kamla works as a full time maid in Raj and Simran’s house. Simran is affectionate and regularly showers Kamla with gifts and old clothes. In this ‘modern’ home, there is no obvious violence and hierarchies but, as Kamla slowly realizes, it is hidden behind caring words and gestures of love. When Pihu, Kamla’s younger sister, arrives such underlying tensions come to the fore and Kamla is forced to take a decision. The film attempts to understand a class relationship in an atmosphere of love and affection. Here, the violence is not physical but structural, part of everyday actions and words.

Paraya Ghar 1989

Ruining their plans of marriage, a gruesome accident separates two lovers. However, they meet each other again but under very different circumstances.

Wheel Ghar Ghar Mein

Wheel Ghar Ghar Mein is a game show that airs on Zee TV. It premiered on April 20, 2009 and is a daily show. The show replaced Dhoop Mein Thandi Chaav...Maa that ended on April 17, 2009.

Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli produced by Rajshri Productions is an Indian television drama serial that aired on Zee TV. It has received awards in several categories in Zee Rishtey Awards. Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli was ranked at #4 position among top serials in India during its running time and was well known for its lead actors Karan Grover & Suhasi Goradia Dhami. Currently, the serial airs on FBC TV in Fiji Islands.


Chidiya Ghar is a comedy show which airs on SAB TV Monday through Friday nights. The show follows a Narayan family who live in Varanasi. Each family member has an animal's quality. The name of their house is Chidiya Ghar. It is produced by Garima Productions. A

Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar

Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar is an Indian television series which premiered on October 17, 2011 on STAR One. The series is produced by Endemol India and stars Prashant Chawla and Neha Mehta in the leads.Due to STAR One closing down the show ended on the same day of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi

Ghar Titli Ka Par 2017

This is the story of betrayal disguised in friendship; Shafaq & Anji are childhood friends. To Shafaq their friendship means everything to her but to Anji it is an option for her to get hands to better life. Anji understands that Shafaq has a better lifestyle & she can have access to all these things if she remains in Shafaq’s life. Shafaq’s sister in-law will soon sense Anji’s intentions & she will try to protect her meanwhile Anji will marry a guy from well-to-do family and they will shift to Lahore. While Shafaq is upset about Anji’s leaving the city & trying to move in her life, Anji’s life in Lahore turns into a disaster as she doesn’t know how to keep up with household chores & life. After sometime Shafaq will be married to Azar who is from Lahore & right after their wedding she will shift to her home in Lahore. Two friends will reconnect as they are in the same city however when they meet Anji is jealous of Shafaq’s new life so much so that she will try to end Shafaq’s marriage.

Piya Ka Ghar

Piya Ka Ghar was a Hindi TV serial that aired on Zee TV, based on a beautiful love story of beautiful girl who was homeless-but did have 'Piya ka Ghar'.

Ghar Ek Sapnaa

Ghar Ek Sapnaa is a Hindi television serial that aired on Sahara One channel worldwide. It is based on the story of a young woman, Kakul, whose dreams are shattered when she learns that her husband does not love her and she is not accepted by her in-laws. It ran daily in Romania as In cautarea fericirii on National TV from 19:15 from April 2009 to March 2010, replaying on N24PLUS since March 2010 from 21:00 Monday though Friday.

Ek Ghar Banaunga

Ek Ghar Banaunga is an Indian soap opera broadcast on Star Plus. The serial, which has been running since 29 April 2013, focuses on the marital dramas within the household of an Indian family.

Ghar Aaja Pardesi

Ghar Aaja Pardesi is an Indian television drama series currently broadcasting on satellite network, Sahara One. The series premiered on January 28, 2013, and is produced by Gajendra Singh.

Ghar Ki Baat Hai

Ghar Ki Baat Hai is a Hindi television sitcom on NDTV Imagine in 2009.

Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai

Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai was an Indian television series that aired on STAR Plus channel. The series premiered on August 5, 2009, and ended on June 25, 2010. It was produced by well-known directors Sumit Mittal & Shashi Mittal.

Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye

Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye was a BBC television and radio programme, presented in Hindustani, with the aim of helping immigrants from South Asia to the United Kingdom to become integrated. The first episode was broadcast at 9am on Sunday 10 October 1965 as "In Logon Se Miliye" meaning "Can I Help You?". In January 1966 this was altered to "Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye" meaning "Make Yourself At Home". By 1968 another title change to "Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan" meaning "New Way, New Life". This was then replaced around 1982 with "Gharbar" running midweek on BBC-2. From 1966, it was presented by Mahendra Kaul, with Saleem Shahed.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann is a Hindi language television drama-series that aired on Zee TV. It premiered on September 26, 2006 and was directed by the famous television director, Rajan Shahi. The serial ended on 27 August 2009. This serial was a success and hit among viewers because of the storyline and character portrayal winning them prestigious awards in award functions. This serial along with Maayka were under the banner of Creative Eye Ltd.

Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai

Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai is a Hindi television serial that aired on Zee TV from July 16, 2007- April 18, 2008. It was based on the story of 3 girls: Prarthna, Sidhhi, and Sanskriti. Even though they all have different lives and a different outlook of life, destiny is not always on their side, and when the unexpected happens their dreams, hopes and desires come crashing down.

Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage

Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage is an Indian television series, which followed the on-going series, Hi! Padosi... Kaun Hai Doshi?. The title of the second season was changed due to change in concept of the series from sitcom to drama.

Isse Kehte Hai Golmaal Ghar

Isse Kehte Hai Golmaal Ghar is an Indian soap opera that aired on Sahara One channel in 2004. The series premiered on October 30, 2004, and aired on every Saturday at 8:30pm IST, starring Gauri Pradhan & Manav Gohil as the main protagonists.

Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari

Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari is an Indian television series which premiered on March 9, 2009 on Colors. The story revolves around a family who experience the birth of a daughter after long 18 years.