Asura 2012

Abandoned in the barren wasteland of Kyoto, a savage, enraged orphan does whatever it takes to survive in the wild. When he crosses paths with civilization, he must learn to tame the beast within.

Asur 2020

Tribute to Ramkinkar Baij, the film explores the relationship between three friends Kigan, Bodhi and Aditi.

Asuran 2019

A family from the underprivileged class is on the run after the teenaged son kills a rich man from the upper caste. Can the pacifist father be able to save his hot-blooded son?

Asura 2015

The story deals with the ego between a jailor(cop) and the prisoner who is subjected to death.

Asuraguru 2020

A clever thief who gets away easily is being lured into a bigger trap where the police force sets up an attractive bait to capture him for good.

Azhagiya Asura 2006

Guna unites his brother and his lover after overcoming a number of problems. But when he falls in love with a girl who does not reciprocate his feelings, his brother's wife comes to his aid.

Asura 2018

An epic fantasy loosely based on Buddhist mythology, it is set in the mythical realm of Asura — the dimension of pure desire which is threatened by a coup from a lower heavenly kingdom.

Asurado 2021

The third prison of death, where only vicious criminals who do not have a sense of law or common sense are being kept. A new era of power opens when Lee Tae-sik, the nation's former boss entered the office. Soon, the new warden, Jo Pyeong-ho, ends the evil without blood or tears, and begins to imprison the prisoners terribly, including Lee Tae-sik.

Asura Bride 2020

On the night of her wedding to General Xiao Kian, princess Wang Xuan transformed into a ghostly Asura Bride, killing and destroying every guest, even the three princes. Ziheng, who was a childhood sweetheart, were terrified. However, Xiao Ji did not leave him, and together with Wang Xuan to find the truth, he did not expect to involve a bigger conspiracy behind him.

Asuran 1995

Veerapathran, a dacoit keeps evading the cops. Prasath, an agricultural officer falls in love with Parvathy, a relative of Veera. She is horrified when he reveals his true identity and motive.

Like Asura 2003

The four Takezawa sisters discover that their father has an illegitimate child so they hire a private detective to investigate.

Asuravithu 2012

Don Bosco is a soft-spoken and religious young man who is studying in a seminary. He takes upon himself the task of bringing to heel the Pathaam Kalam gang, who killed his father years ago. Don meets head on with the Cochin underworld kings, and rechristens himself as Don Daveed. Henceforth his operations start bearing the brand of the D Company.

The Silence 2019

With the world under attack by deadly creatures who hunt by sound, a teen and her family seek refuge outside the city and encounter a mysterious cult.

Asurakulam 2017

Asurakulam is an upcoming Indian Tamil action thriller film produced by Saravanan Ganesan and Vembaiyan Velayutham and directed by Vignesh Menon. The film features Shabarish and Vidya Pradeep in the leading roles, C.sathya composes the film's music

Asuravamsam 1997

Murugan (Manoj K. Jayan), gangster & leader of the Kozhikode Palayam market, locks horns with his ex-mentor Ranganathan Swamy (Narendra Prasad) & businessmen Thattel Mani (C.I. Paul), Thattel Bobby (Saikumar) & Muhammad Hussain Haji (Rizabawa) after Murugan sides with bust businessman Moosa (Rajan P. Dev) in a land deal where Moosa was cheated out of his land by Haji. Swamy & company kill Moosa & play the hotheaded new city police commissioner Jayamohan (Biju Menon) against Murugan.

Asuravadham 2018

A stranger keeps threatening a man, promising him that he will kill him after a week. Who is the stranger and what is he after?

Samurai Spirits 2: Asura Zanmaden 1999

The story mainly revolves on Nakoruru and her humanistic ideals: she believes that anyone with a heart has the right to live peacefully. Shiki, though apparently free from Yuga's influence, is recognized as a threat for the sorceress' return and it was through Nakoruru's reasoning that previously saved her life from Haohmaru. Nakoruru finds her and then struggles to peacefully defend her from her pursuers, which include Haohmaru, Galford, and Asura.

Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath tells the story of Asura, a demigod warrior who, during a battle to protect his planet, is betrayed and has his family kidnapped. Centuries later, Asura resurrects in search of revenge and to find her daughter again.

Asura 2015

A recording of the 2003 production of the 1987 play. An evil nun known as Bizan wishes to bring back to life the demon monarch Ashura, so that the oni may rule the world. But that’s not an easy task with the Demon Wardens scouring the land and taking care of demons who have taken on human form. Five years ago, Wakuraba Izumo served as a Demon Warden lieutenant alongside his chief, Kuninari and the slightly mental Abe Jaku. Since then he’s retired and has been enjoying success as a lead actor for the Nakamura Kabuki troupe, led by playwright Nanboku Tsuruya IV, while his former colleagues continue to fight the good fight. Meanwhile the police authorities have been struggling to capture the thief known as “The Night Camellia.

Asur 2020

A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology.

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side (2020) 2020

Set in the backdrop of the mystical city of Varanasi, Asur follows Nikhil Nair, a forensic-expert-turned-teacher, who returns to his roots at the Central Bureau of Investigation, and along with his former mentor Dhananjay Rajpoot, finds himself caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a brutal serial killer. What follows is a blend of suspense, mythology and the murders of some people totally unrelated.

Asura Cryin' 2009

Tomoharu is a normal high school student... except for the fact that he is never alone. Haunted by the ghost of his dead childhood friend, he moves into a new residence at the beginning of the school year. Life turns out to be a little more difficult than expected, though, when his house is overrun by various female occult users. To make things even worse he is pulled into an epic struggle to protect a mysterious trunk, that is presently hidden in the house.

Kengan Ashura 2019

Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all. Toki Taouma, nicknamed "Ashura," joins these arenas and devastates his opponents. His spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of the big business owners, including the Nogi Group chairman, Nogi Hideki.

Samurai Spirits 2: Asura Zanmaden 1999

Samurai Spirits 2: Asura-Zanmaden (サムライスピリッツ2 アスラ斬魔伝) is a straight-to-laserdisc two episode OVA series first released on December 24, 1999. The story revolves around Nakoruru's humanistic beliefs that anyone with a heart has the right to live peacefully. Shiki, though apparently free from Yuga's influence, is recognized as a threat for the sorceress' return. Nakoruru struggles to peacefully defend her from her pursuers, which include the like of legendary swordsmen Haohmaru, Galford, and Asura.